SA Taxi: We are a focused partner to the minibus taxi industry
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SA Taxi, we have everything you need to start or grow your taxi business. Taxi insurance, taxi finance and new and pre-owned refurbished taxis.
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SA Taxi: We are a focused partner to the minibus taxi industry
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What is SA Taxi ?

SA Taxi is a South African financial services company that primarily focuses on providing financial solutions for the taxi industry.

SA Taxi services

1. Financing for Taxi Operators:

  • SA Taxi specializes in offering financing solutions tailored to the needs of taxi operators. This includes providing loans for the purchase of new or used minibus taxis, as well as refinancing options.

2. Asset Financing:

  • The company provides asset-based financing, with a focus on the unique needs of the taxi industry. This could involve financing the purchase of minibus taxis or other assets essential to taxi operators.

3. Insurance Services:

  • SA Taxi offers insurance products specifically designed for the taxi industry. This may include vehicle insurance, credit life insurance, and other coverage to protect taxi operators and their assets.
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