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IntelliMali is a privately-owned company that specialises in the payment and administration of funds through its solutions IntelliCard and IntelliCell.
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What is IntelliMali?

IntelliMali is a South African company that specializes in financial administration services for educational institutions, particularly in the context of managing and disbursing funds related to student financial aid. The company primarily focuses on providing solutions for tertiary education institutions, including universities and colleges.

IntelliMali Services

  1. Bursary Administration: IntelliMali manages the administration and disbursement of bursaries to eligible students. This involves handling the application process, verifying eligibility criteria, and ensuring that financial support is distributed efficiently.
  2. Financial Aid Distribution: The company is involved in the distribution of various forms of financial aid, including scholarships and grants. They work to facilitate the disbursement of funds to students in need of financial assistance.
  3. Student Account Management: IntelliMali may be responsible for managing student accounts, which includes handling payments, tracking fees, and ensuring accurate financial records for individual students.
  4. Fee Payment Solutions: The company may offer solutions to facilitate the payment of tuition fees and other related expenses. This could involve providing a platform for students to make payments or coordinating with educational institutions to streamline the fee payment process.
  5. Financial Technology Solutions: IntelliMali may leverage technology to provide efficient and automated financial services. This could include online platforms or systems that help both educational institutions and students manage financial transactions more effectively.
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